General Range Rules

To help ensure safety, we have established basic rules in the club SOP. A full copy of the SOP is available HERE.

The following are a highlighted set of basic rules, these include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) is in charge at all times.

  2. The RSO has the right to refuse service to anyone. Anyone acting in an unsafe or inappropriate manner will be required to leave the premises.

  3. No one shall be under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol or illegal substances on the premises.

  4. Do NOT bring firearms from your vehicle until you have signed in.

  5. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, your finger off the trigger, and the safety ON, until you are ready to fire.

  6. Keep the action open unless you are on the firing line ready to fire.

  7. Eye and ear protection is required under the pavilion or on the trap range. Ear Protection suggested in the parking area.

  8. The yellow light indicates an impending cease fire.

  9. The red light, buzzer, OR ANY VERBAL ANNOUNCEMENT indicates an immediate cease fire.

  10. NO handling of firearms or equipment on any bench during a cease fire.

  11. NO one goes down range until all weapons have been cleared, inspected, and the RSO announces that the range is clear.

  12. Firearms may be loaded with more than one round at a time with the RSOs permission.

  13. Rimfire rifles and handguns may be loaded with a maximum 10 rounds.

  14. There is NO rapid fire. At least 2 seconds between shots.

  15. Shooters shoot at paper targets. No human sihouettes.

  16. Post targets only in your own shooting lane. Do not cover the lane number.

  17. No cross lane shooting.

  18. All unwanted cases to be placed in buckets provided. Do not put in the trash!

  19. One firearm per person or per bench may be on the firing line at a time.

  20. All loading is performed at the firing line.

  21. Trap shooters must shoot from the left side of the manual thrower.

  22. Trap shooters will use number 7 1/2 size shot or smaller, 2.75 inch shells only, and have a maximum of three shells in the gun at a time.

  23. Shotgun slugs and buck allowed only on the rifle range.

  24. Pets are NOT ALLOWED on range property, including inside a vehicle.

  25. Cell phones use is not permitted on the firing line.

  26. No holstered or concealed firearms, except for the Rangemaster on duty.



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