1. The Range Master (RM) or Range Safety Officer (RSO) are in charge at all times.
  2. The RM / RSO maintains the right to refuse service to anyone.
  3. Anyone acting in an unsafe or inappropriate manner, as determined by the RM or RSO on duty, will be required to leave the premises.
  4. No one under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on the premises at any time.
  5. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction (straight up or at the berm once at the shooting bench or firing line). ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger, and the safety ON, until you are ready to fire. ALWAYS be sure of your target and what is beyond.
  6. Do NOT bring firearms from your vehicle until you have signed in at the sign in bench with the RSO / RM.
  7. No firearms cases allowed under the pavilion, at the bench, on the shooting range or at the shotgun range.
  8. No incendiary, explosive, tracer or armor piercing ammo permitted.
  9. All firearms will be brought to the firing line with the muzzle up, action open, magazine removed (as applicable), and chamber flag installed.
  10. All firearms will use a chamber flag during a cease fire to indicate an action open and chamber clear condition.
  11. All firearms must have the muzzle of the firearm pointed at the target boards / berm when chambering rounds.
  12. Keep the action open until your sights are on target.
  13. One firearm per bench may be on the firing line at a time.
  14. All loading of firearms is to be performed at the firing line.
  15. Eye and ear protection is required under the pavilion or on the trap range while the range is hot. Ear Protection is suggested in the parking area.
  16. The yellow light and siren indicates an impending cease fire. All shooters are to discharge the last round in the chamber and make their firearm safe by opening the action, removing the magazine (as applicable) and inserting a chamber flag into the chamber.
  17. The RED LIGHT and BUZZER, OR ANY VERBAL ANNOUNCEMENT indicates an immediate cease fire. Make your firearm safe as noted ABOVE.
  18. No one goes down range until the RSO / RM announces that the range is clear.
  19. During a cease fire, there is absolutely no handling of firearms anywhere on the premises.
  20. During a cease fire, all shooters must remain behind the yellow line and shooters shall not approach or touch ANYTHING on the shooting bench.
  21. Firearms shall be loaded with 1 cartridge to prove the firearm / shooter are on target. Then the firearm may be loaded with 3 cartridges to prove the shooter and firearm are capable. At that time, that firearm may be loaded to a maximum of 10 cartridges with the RSOs / RMs PERMISSION, on the RIFLE RANGE.
  22. PISTOLS may be loaded to magazine capacity at the PISTOL RANGE.  
  23. There is NO rapid firing. At least 2 seconds between shots.
  24. Shooters will use paper or cardboard targets only. No human silhouette targets permitted. No metallic, reactive or explosive targets permitted.
  25. Post targets in your assigned shooting lane. Do not cover the lane number. No cross lane shooting. Do not shoot the target board posts.
  26. All unwanted cartridge cases to be placed in buckets provided. Do not put in the trash!  All fired shotgun shells MUST be collected and taken home.
  27. Trap shooters must shoot from the left (north) side of the thrower.
  28. Trap shooters shall use number 7 1/2 size shot or smaller, 2.75 inch maximum length shells only, and have a maximum of two (2) shells in the gun at a time.
  29. Shotgun slugs are only allowed on the rifle range at up to 50 yards.
  30. Pets are NOT ALLOWED on range property, including inside a vehicle.
  31. No distracting use of cell phones while on the firing line.
  32. No holstered or concealed firearms allowed, except for the RM /RSO on duty.
  33. There is absolutely no shooting at wildlife.
  34. .50 BMG caliber use limited to members only.
  35. ALL shooters must ensure their firearms are in a safe working order. Black powder / muzzle loader shooters must have all tools to operate and make their firearms safe.
  36. All minors must be accompanied and supervised by a competent adult.  
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